FROG BAM® Algae Protection 01105060 (01-10-5060)


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Imagine a single dose of algae protection guaranteed for a full 90 days. Well this is it – FROG BAM! One dose and you’re covered from Memorial Day to Labor Day. No daily or weekly dosing. Just a complete, written guarantee that says your pool will be algae free. The Frog BAM 90-day Algae Protection provides pool owners with an effective algae killer that is designed to work with any Frog Fresh Mineral Water system. Not only does, Frog® BAM protect your pool from algae but it does it for a full 90 days. We’re so confident you’ll love this product, we’re offering a 90 day Algae Protection Guarantee. Talk about worry free pool care!

  • The algae preventative that keeps working for a full 90 days
  • Uniquely dispenses through all of the POOL FROG Systems
  • Can also be used with INSTANT FROG or Flippin’ FROG
  • When using FROG BAM with FROG minerals and a low chlorine level we offer an Algae Protection Guarantee!

Preventative dose:

  • 1 bottle per 15,000 gallons every 90 days

Additional information

Weight 2.6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in