COOP Battle Bounce


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Bounce into a backyard sports battle!

Split up into one-on-one or two teams of two.  Then, set up the net in the middle and get ready to bounce into action.

Much like in four-square, one of the players serves up the ball by bouncing it off of the net.  Immediately, the other team has up to three hits to bounce the ball back off the net without it touching the ground!

Now, there are no sides – This game is played 360 degrees all the way around the net – Where you play depends on where the ball bounces!

If at any time the opposing team drops the ball, then that means your team gets one point.  Keep on playing for as long as it takes – The first team to twenty-one points wins the game!

Packed with always-surprising action and easy to break down for smooth portability, the Coop Battle Bounce game is sure to be an epic hit at the beach, backyard, park, or anywhere.

Coop Battle Bounce

  • Volleyball-like game of bouncing a ball off of a net
  • Encourages gross motor skills, outdoor exercise, cooperative play
  • 360 degree play and fast-paced fun keeps kids moving and playing for hours
  • Hit the ball back across the net – Teams have 3 hits to get it back to the net
  • Drop the ball – Opposing team gets one point – First to 21 points wins
  • Highly portable – Breaks down and fits inside included cinch backpack
  • Great for the beach, backyard, park – Anywhere!
  • Includes net, 20 net clips, 5 frame poles, 5 frame bases, battle bounce ball, pull-string backpack, needle for inflating ball
  • Detailed rules and assembly instructions included
  • Battle bounce ball is exceptionally soft and bouncy
  • High quality materials and construction for lasting enjoyment


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 8 × 12 in