Closing Contract-2018: You Choose Your Service


Blow Lines

We will blow and plug all underground lines, to prevent freeze damage & winterize filter

Install existing cover (chose one) *

Pool cover will NOT be installed if not readily available by the pool

Do you have a concrete pool? *

(It is not recommended to lower a vinyl liner pool, it should remain full.)
It is the customer’s responsibility to have the water at the required level. If it is not lowered and we have to drop the level there will be an additional $20.00 PER 15 MINUTES for us to drop the water level – WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TILE DAMAGE OVER THE WINTER.


Blow Lines of Water Features

Remove handrails/ladders/diving boards (placed by poolside)

If you do not chose removal of rails/boards/ladders, and they are not removed upon our arrival we will charge an additional fee of $25.00 for us to remove and place by pool side

Clean D.E. Filter, Cartridge or Sand Filter

Winterize Heater

Poolife Closing Chemicals

1-Algaecide, 1-Poolife Plus, 1-Phosphate Remover & 2 gallons of liquid chlorine

Service Is requested for the week of:

Note: November & December closings will incur a $25.00 up-charge due to weather.


Note:  All work is scheduled on a first come first service basis.  We will TRY to accommodate requests for a particular day, BUT CANNOT GUARANTEE IT.  We will contact you one day prior to the actual service date.  We cannot be responsible for delays due to weather or ground conditions.  Water, electric and power should all be made available at the time of service.  All equipment including pool cover must be accessible.  Any additional visits that are needed due to conditions not being met, will be subject to a service charge.  Any service related problems or complaints must be reported to our office within five working days of the service date.  When completing this online contract it indicates you have read and understood the services you selected.