Above Ground Winter Pools Covers Winter Cover Classic




Above-Ground Pool Classic Winter Pool Cover is a replacement solid winter pool cover for above ground pools. The cover prevents algae growth and keeps the pool water clean and free from dirt, leaves and debris.

• Solid cover
• Keeps pool water clean and free from dirt, leaves, and debris
• Stop chemical loss through evaporation
• Prevents algae growth
• Protects pool from wear and tear of winter elements
• Eliminates costly maintenance and spring cleanup
• Secured with cable and winch
• 3’ overlap


Sizes Available:  18′ Round Pool – 21′ Round Cover, 21′ Round Pool – 24′ Round Cover, 24′ Round Pool – 27′ Round Cover, 27/28′ Round Pool – 31′ Round Cover, 30′ Round – 33′ Round Cover

12’x24′ Oval Pool – 15’x27′ Cover, 15’/16′ x 24’/25′ Oval Pool – 19’x28′ Cover, 16’x31’/32′ Oval Pool – 19’x35′ Cover, 18’x32’/33’/34′ Oval Pool – 21’x37′ Cover, 16’x40′ Oval Pool, 15’x30′ Oval Pool – 18’x33′ Cover



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12'x24' Oval, 15'/16'x 24'/25' Oval, 15'x30' Oval, 16'x31'/32' Oval, 16'x40' Oval, 18' Round, 18'x32'/33'/34' Oval, 21' Round, 24' Round, 27/28' Round, 30' Round