Pool Installation:

How long does the pool installation process take?
Once the permits are obtained, it typically takes anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks. Weather and township inspections, can affect the length of construction.

What is the cost of a permit and how long does it take?
Every township is different. It is no secret that is getting harder and more expensive to obtain building permits. It would be best to check with your individual township, but typically it may be anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. It can cost anywhere from $100 to +$1000. Some townships will require topographical surveys, impervious runoff studies, and infiltration beds. We will be happy to assist and do the necessary paperwork, but any permit fees, survey fees, and infiltration beds are not included in the pool price.

What subcontractors can I expect?
None. We do all of our own work, and use no subcontractors. We are fully insured.

I’ve worked hard on my lawn, will you do much damage?
Yes. The bottom line is an in ground pool is a major construction project. We need to excavate, grade, move dirt, and have access for large trucks and equipment. Your yard will be damaged. Fine grading and seeding will have to be done when we are finished.

The only way to get to my backyard is over my driveway. Do you guarantee not to damage it?
No. We must get heavy trucks and equipment to your yard. You are responsible to give adequate access to your pool area.

When is the best time of year to have a pool built? I’ve heard I can save a lot in the fall or winter.
Fall can be the ideal time to build a pool. We are not as busy, weather generally cooperates more, the pool can be finished and landscaped before the next swim season, and yes, sometimes we can save you money.

How much does an in ground pool cost per month in electric and chemicals?
The total cost will vary by what chemicals your pool uses, and how much your electric utility rates are. Typically for an average Gritz pool with a salt generator chlorine system, the total cost in the PECO electric rate area, will be about $60.00 per month.

I know most of your pools have underwater lights. Can I get electrocuted from it, and do I have to empty the pool to change the bulb?
No and no. All pool lights are protected by GFCI safety circuits and are completely safe. Most of our lights are LED technology. This means an extremely long bulb life. If a bulb does need changed, the light fixture can be removed with out draining the pool.

How much will an in ground pool affect my Real estate taxes?
An average size vinyl pool should only raise your taxes about $200 a year. Check with the county tax assessor.

You only build Vinyl pools? Why not Fiberglass or Concrete?
We have been building only vinyl liner pools since 1963. We feel it is the best choice for this area and our pool has many advantages over other pools. See link below.

Download Why Choose VinylWhy Choose Vinyl Comparison Chart

Are shallower pools less expensive and does shape change the price?
The depth of the pool affects the price very little, if at all. Free form shapes or extremely odd shapes will cost slightly more.

I am considering a diving board on my pool. Do you install them, and is my pool safer without one?
We do install diving boards on our pools that are designed to current diving standards. A diving board actually makes a pool safer. Here’s why? Watch kids around a pool. They will dive into the pool whether there’s a board or not. Having a diving board shows them that this is the place to safely dive from, not the side or shallow end of the pool.

Do I need a fence around my pool, and how high does it have to be? Do you install fences?
All pools in Pennsylvania require a fence. Generally a 4’ high non climbable fence, with self latching, self closing gates are required. See your township for exact specifics, since they may vary. We do not install fences, but we recommend Eldredge fencing of West Chester for all your fencing needs. www.daneldredgefencing.com

Do you offer any financing on your pools?
We specialize in building pools, not banking. We do however recommend a fantastic new bank that will work with you on any pool or spa financing needs. They are First Resource Bank. Please see their website for more information. www.firstresourcebank.com

I am ready to build a pool, but I know there is rock in my back yard. Are there any extra charges if you hit rock?
Our pool contract has an obstruction clause. We contract the pool assuming there are no hidden obstacles in the ground. Rock, ground water, septic systems, and trash are the main culprits. If we have to go over the allotted excavation time, use larger equipment, blast, or do anything not in the normal installation process, there will be extra charges. We will work with you to minimize them, and we will always be upfront of what the cost should be and will not proceed unless you approve it. We are not out to make a windfall because of your bad luck, like many of our competitors do.

Is there state sales tax added to the pool contract price?
No. The sales tax is paid by us on the materials used in your pool.

Liner Installation/Renovations:

How long does a liner replacement take?
Typically less than one day. If you have the water trucked in, the pool is usually filled by the next morning.

My pool liner is 10 years old, but is still holding water, should I replace it, and how long should I expect my liner to last?
If you liner is holding water and looks good, there is no immediate need to replace it. The average life of our liners is 10 to 15 years. How you take care of it and the water chemistry will affect the life. We have had some liners last as long as 30 years.

I see there are liners available in thicker versions then 20 mil. Are they worth the extra expense?
Generally no. 28 mil liners will add 10 to 20 % to the cost of a liner. The warranty is the same. And the life expectancy is the same. They are slightly more durable, but are more difficult to install and get to fit properly.

I would like to have my liner installed in the winter when you guys are not busy. Will I save money?
No. We cannot install liners in cold weather. We like the temperature to be above 50 degrees and bright sunshine. The temperature needs to be warm so the liner will stretch into place properly.

Is it better to truck the water in, or can I use my well or public water source?
If you are on a well, you should probably have the water trucked in. Most Wells cannot handle that much water that fast. If you are on a public water source, that is by far the less expensive way of filling the pool.

I’m changing the liner in my pool. Can’t you save my water somehow, and put it back?
No not really. The typical pool holds around 23,000 gallons. Our tank truck holds 6000 gallons. It wouldn’t be economical to have 3 or 4 trucks sitting there for a day holding the water.

When my pool was built, walk in steps were not available. Can they be added?
Yes of course. We have several choices of drop in steps or built in steps that can be added when you replace your liner.

I have a 30 year old concrete pool that is cracked and doesn’t hold water. Can you put a liner in it?
Yes it can be done, but can be expensive and difficult. Since vinyl liners require all new plumbing fixtures, and a new coping track, it is a very involved job. Sometimes it may be more economical to install a new pool next to it, and fill in the concrete pool.

I have a concrete pool that needs re-plastered. Do you do that?
No, we only specialize in vinyl.